March 9, 2006

The Whole Brain Atlas

Posted in Neurology, Radiology at 8:12 pm by David Theige, MD

The Whole Brain Atlas is the magnificent work of Keith A. Johnson and J. Alex Becker at Harvard University. The site includes an atlas of normal anatomy and blood flow, an introduction to neuroimaging, and clinical cases of stroke, tumors, degenerative, inflammatory, and infectious diseases. Multiple imaging modalities featured including MR, CT, SPECT, and PET scans.


Introduction to Cardiothoracic Imaging

Posted in Cardiology, Radiology at 7:58 pm by David Theige, MD

I am trying to catalog some learning resources in radiology/imaging for our residents. I originally linked to this site in Ocober 2000, but it is still extremely impressive.

Yale: Introduction to Cardiothoracic Imaging

This fabulous resource covers normal anatomy, pathologic findings, and clinical cases using multiple imaging modalities including plain radiography, CT, MRI, SPECT, and echocardiography. Check out the Table of Contents. Wow!

March 8, 2006

Introduction to Radiology

Posted in Radiology at 9:50 pm by David Theige, MD

Introduction to Radiology: an online interactive tutorial is an outstanding free resource from the University of Virginia Department of Radiology. Each topic includes a self-assessment quiz. Tutorials cover a variety of topics including: Introduction to Chest, ICU Chest Films, Hi-Resolution Chest CT, Cardiac MR, Emergency Body CT, Emergency Ultrasound, Skeletal Trauma, Introduction to Pediatric Radiology, GI Radiology, GU Radiology, Imaging of the Cervical Spine, and more..